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Cougar meaning that is dating to Smithsonian magazine now for only $12

Cougar meaning that is dating to Smithsonian magazine now for only $12

After 14 summers excavating in Yellowstone nationwide Park, Doug MacDonald possesses rule that is simple of. “Pretty much anywhere you’d want to pitch a tent, you will find items,” he claims, supporting a 3,000-year-old obsidian projectile point that their group has just dug out from the ground. “Like us, Native Us citizens liked to camp on flat ground, near to water, with an attractive view.”

We’re standing on a growth nearby the Yellowstone River, or even the Elk River because so many native tribes that are american it. a slim damp snowfall is falling in belated June, and some scattered bison are grazing when you look at the sagebrush throughout the river. In addition to the road operating through it, the valley probably looks much as it did 30 hundreds of years ago, whenever somebody chipped away as of this tiny little bit of black colored glassy rock until it absolutely was lethally razor-sharp and symmetrical, then fastened it up to a straightened shaft of lumber and hurled it at bison having a spear-throwing tool, or atlatl.

This short article is a selection through the January/February dilemma of Smithsonian mag

“The big misconception about Yellowstone is it is a pristine backwoods untouched by humanity,” says MacDonald.