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After been alerted by Four Corners, ASIC is investigating Good2Go Loans.

After been alerted by Four Corners, ASIC is investigating Good2Go Loans.

I-I did have somebody also come in plus they had numerous payday advances with other loan providers and it is clear they are, they will have a gambling problem because you will find gambling on line payments to their bank statements. Nevertheless, a loan is got by them. I have had individuals may be found in that are illiterate: where I have needed to suggest to them the letters to key in to publish, “We accept.” Illiterate. And yep, we nevertheless had written the mortgage. GOOD2GO LOANS EMPLOYEE (dramatisation): Hi, this will be Tracy calling from Good2Go Loans. Just just How are you currently?

STEPHEN LONG: In a annoying revelation, insiders told Four Corners that Good2Go regularly changes agreements once they’ve been finalized – and then we’ve seen proof of this.

It is a bait-and-switch: Good2Go signs people as much as two-year loan discounts that are not managed because of the Federal rules, hence sidestepping caps on costs. Then it delivers the consumer a text, outlining a payment plan that is new. SMS MESSAGE (caption): Dear Andrew Acceptance [sic] received. Funds will soon be settled inside the next 24hrs. Your instalments are $72 fortnightly with very very first re payment 03/02/2015. Any queries please call loans that are g2G.

GOOD2GO WHISTLEBLOWER (star): Well, the mortgage contract will state that the mortgage’s for 104 months. Ah, then again 99 percent regarding the time it doesn’t take place.